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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes I go somewhere and I only want to take 1 or 2 P-Mates with me. How can I do that?
For this occasion we have placed a special folding-line on the P-Mate on which you fold it in two. So you can easily take it with you inside your pocket or handbag. Important: The folding doesn't affect the quality of the P-Mate.

Can I use the P-Mate even if I am wearing trousers?
Yes! As you only need to move your underwear to one side to use the P-Mate it can be used when wearing trousers, and you only have to partially undress. Naturally this depends on the position and size of the zip. There just needs to be enough space to put the P-Mate into the correct position.

Can I flush the P-Mate?
Because of the material used to make the P-Mate it is not possible to flush the P-Mate down a toilet. The P-Mate should be thrown into a bin at your nearest convenience.


Is it necessary to use toilet-paper after having used a P-Mate?
It depends entirely on yourself and the situation you are in. You can remove any drops that are left behind by slowly moving the P-Mate to the front and catching them with the back of the P-Mate. We thought about enclosing tissues or making an absorbing layer at the backside of the P-Mate, but to keep the price as low as possible we decided not to do this so far. Another reason is that the P-Mate is mostly used in "emergency" situations. Consequently, most women who are in need of it will hold a paper handkerchief or a tissue at hand anyway.

Can I re-use the P-Mate?
In principle this is possible. We recommend to use the P-Mate only once and to dispose it afterwards. Reasons for this are that the P-Mate is mostly used at locations where no provisions are available to clean it well after use. Furthermore, most women think it is unhygienic to carry a used P-Mate with them for a longer time.

P-Mate offers the Solution!

The P-Mate enables woman to pee while standing upright.

It is a portable device small enough to fit in your pocket, purse or bag.

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