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The Idea of the P-Mate

Travelling through Indonesia Dutch-born Moon Zijp was confronted with the fact that when she needed to pee she would find herself in a difficult situation. She would have to go deeper into the jungle to allow her sufficient privacy to pee as well as having the difficulty of squatting.

From these experiences, which most women can relate to, she developed her first P-Mate at the Amsterdam Academy of Arts. This devise allowed her and other women to pee while standing upright - just like men do.

This idea was cemented in the minds of the Dutch when a Local talk show host, Paul de Leeuw, interviewed Moon and she demonstrated the P-Mate live in front of the nation. From that point she was overwhelmed with publicity and interest and opened up her idea to all the women of the Netherlands.

The P-Mate now stands for the revolution of emanzipation.

It quickly won recognition and has since been found at major music festival in Holland and also in Canada, Australia and England.

P-Mate Foto

Real or fake?

P-Mate Foto

Both works.

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Top P-Mate Moments:
  • Travelling – third world toilets can be best avoided!
  • Public toilets – when you don’t want to perch your bum where thousands of germs have gone before!
  • Skiing – don’t get caught short on the piste!
  • Camping – when you don’t want to bare your bum in the bush!
  • Boating – when your choice may be a bucket or a hole!
  • Festivals – when portaloos are too awful to consider sitting on!
  • Queues – you’re caught in line but there’s nowhere to pee without losing your place and your mystique!
  • Pubs, clubs and concerts – when queuing for hours and hovering over the loo may be the only option because the toilet is so gross!
  • On the road – when you can’t wait for the next rest step!
  • Trains, planes and automobiles – when facilities can be too vile to sit on!
  • Pregnancy – weak bladders doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

P-Mate offers the Solution!

The P-Mate enables woman to pee while standing upright.

And now the P-Mate is available for sale in Germany!

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